Valentine's Day Gram Recap

In every way, God's grace, love, and compassion was displayed in making this happen. 

First and foremost, praising God for the body of believers that continues to care for the members at our church. They were quick to offer us help and spread the word when we first started our business. We even had a handful of people warn us the dangers.

Secondly, thanking God for bringing the three of us together - Ashley, Diana and myself. Knowing (all) our different strengths and weaknesses, God sovereignly teamed us up. 

Finally, encouraged by our unity. We are not perfect. But, because of Christ's love and hope, we might show humility and grace to one another with little gestures like these! 

Valentine's Day Grams - Valentine's Hip Hip Hooray dot Love

With love, Carnie

Valentine's Day Grams: Part II

I never realized what a big part florals played in an event. It truly brings to life a space. It makes corporate and private events unique. Every color and flower has its own story. You could make a statement with bold, warm colors. Or you could contrast a harsh, cold space with soft, light plants. 

However, for Valentine's Day, we take you back to the basics of a genuine gesture for any relationship. For those friends who grieve when you grieve and laugh when you laugh, a rose is a simple way to say "thank you." It is a symbol of care and love to the person who reminds you of things that truly matter. 

While the material is temporary, a relationship will grow and flourish in different ways over various seasons of life. We wouldn't have any other way to say, "I love you!" 


Valentine's Day Grams: Part I

Something I've learned from one of my apartment mates is how meaningful a letter can be.  I remember when I first moved to San Diego, I was flooded by love and care after every small and big event going on in life. People would write me encouragement notes for just about every hangout and write reminders about things we talked about. 

Handwritten Letters - Hip Hip Hooray dot Love - Event Planning - Valentine's Day Grams

This particular woman I'm thinking about was someone who would write dozens of letters a month to pass out on Sunday mornings. She'd knock on our door and ask if we had any more paper left from the previous Sunday service handouts to collect more notes. 

What a demonstration of love for the people around her. She was quick to be thankful, joyful, and humble with those around her. Because of this, I couldn't imagine a better way to send out grams to the people you want to shower with care.  

#NowWed Michael + Michelle

The highlights our out! This wedding, in particular, was one that was dear to all of us at Hip Hip Hooray. Michelle was an apartment mate for all of us at some point. My favorite funny thing about Michelle is how much she knows about birthday deals.

She signed up for places with the best rewards. She would grab a bag (and a water bottle because you know she can't live without that) to hit the shops at our local mall and come back with TONS of bags on her arms. Well, actually, maybe not tons of bags because she's pretty good about consolidating it into a couple.  

Michelle - Orange Turtle Photography - Hip Hip Hooray dot Love

My first impression of Michael was one of great admiration. He is one of the most outgoing, friendly people I've ever met. He never fails to make you feel welcomed and at home. He's always pretty much been a goofball. Giant smile across his face and expressions that you thought only existed in the form of an emoji. 

Michael Hip Hip Hooray dot Love and Orange Turtle

Thank you so much for bringing Hip Hip Hooray dot Love together and being the type of friends that does nothing much encourage and care for us! Love you bunches!

Photography by the great Orange Turtle Photography

Lavender and Vanilla

Like most girls, I love a hint of lavender and a delicious touch of vanilla in all my products. It is a soothing and tasty reminder of the weddings we had this January. As we pull the curtains on this winter of back-to-back weddings, I reflect on the parts that made my heart flutter. 

Photography by Cindy from Orange Turtle

Photography by Cindy from Orange Turtle

Reminiscing on the weaving through traffic to get that oh-so-necessary sip of coffee from a local shop and the tears of joy and excitement from moms, dads, brides, grooms, bridal parties. One thing you will be seeing more of as we continue to grow in experience and understanding of our brand, is ensuring that the bridal party, guests and vendors are being encouraged. We make sure you are at-ease and feeling the flow of the day. After every wedding, all we want to hear is laughter. We want every single moving part to enjoy celebrating the marriage of two becoming one.

Like I began, it's like the hint of life from lavender and sweetness of vanilla.


We are returning to the traditional ways of communicating and connecting with the ones we love. There is no better way to do that than sweet hand written letters. I have my USPS account linked to get daily e-mails summarizing what I will be getting in my mail box. My heart flutters seeing my former college roommate's name on a piece of card stock. 

I rush home, snatch the mail key off of our fridge, skip down the stairs, and shove the key in to release the flood of emotions in a few sheets of crisp paper. 

I don't know about you but I miss my high school pen pals - when my group of friends would slip notes into each others lockers. We didn't have much of the drama of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but we still had fun!

Hip Hip Hooray Dot Love Calligraphy by Diana

When are you jumping onto the band wagon? There's nothing more precious than walking alongside a dear friend through life. 

Only the Beginning

Today, we officially launch to the public: Hip Hip Hooray dot Love - An Event Collective. Ashley, Diana, and I couldn't have been more thankful for the encouragement and caution from our sweet friends and family. We couldn't have made it to this stage without the support we have from our church family, who brought us together. 

And because of the perfect example we have in Christ we are able to - with the right attitude, with the right intentions - serve wholeheartedly, in hopes of loving and caring for you. 

Michael & Michelle by Orange Turtle Photography (see Cindy's full blog post here, we love you!)

Michael & Michelle by Orange Turtle Photography (see Cindy's full blog post here, we love you!)

From our team to yours, have an amazing 2018 and we can't wait to see you at all your events! 

Our Wedding Season

This year, we've got our Fall and Winter booked. Bring on the bold colors like burgundy and forest green!

Photography by Lundy Weddings

Photography by Lundy Weddings

We think September through January dates are being booked fast for these three simple reasons: 


While we love not worrying too much about the weather (too cold, too windy), I've seen couples saving $500-$1,000, if not more, during the winter. 

Days Off

We all want to save our vacation and sick days. It is no surprise this is a major reason why couples are searching for the dates they can overlap their wedding and honeymoons with federal holidays. 


Traveling peaks when the students are out of school, we have no doubt about that. We see the prices spike during the big holidays and when school is out. If you can afford to do it, book your honeymoon for when your destination won't be too crowded. Keep an eye out with sites like that compare the best prices for flights, hotels, rental cars. 

As a side note, I was speaking to one of our dear friends, Steph, who told us it might be a good idea to book your honeymoon a month after the wedding. It gives you time to move in, come back with fewer logistics to worry about, and freedom to take things slow after the height of all the emotions from the day of the wedding. We loved the idea! What do you think? 

Be My Guest - Cards and Guestbooks

I am coming at you today with one controversial statement that aims to break tradition... 

Let's put an end to guest books.

All of the weddings we've planned and been to this past year had couples asking for cash gifts. Guests typically write a sweet and simple note of congratulations in a card - cards I'd personally want to keep. I love to look back into my memory box and read about all the crazy adventures that brought me here today. 

Hip Hip Hooray dot Love - Card Box - Guest Book

Let us know what you think in the comments below! We'd love to hear why you think on the contrary or are absolutely on board.

Picture Perfect - Photographers

There are two big commitments when you are in the wedding planning process: who you will spend the rest of your life with and who the photographer is. If you are planning a wedding, it's safe to say that you have already made the first commitment!

After talking to numerous married couples, I realized that often times the details become blurred in the midst of all the excitement of getting married. While yes, you want to make it an experience that both you and your guests will enjoy, there are few things you will remember your wedding by. One thing that would last forever, though, are the pictures.

Photography by Orange Turtle

Photography by Orange Turtle

Here are a few things to consider when browsing and booking: 

Mission and Passion

I've met a ton of photographers who love their job and love the people they work with as well. They dig for the relationship and communication between the two of you and him/herself. A photographer that has the same mission as you will be the most enjoyable at the end of the day. They will capture the moments that you want to remember.


There are a million and one photographers with various styles. There are those who are cool toned, warm toned, light & airy, vibrant, all things bokeh, the list goes on. But which one will you love 10 or 20 years down the line? Which one will be your Facebook profile picture for more than a year? 

Venue Ventures

The most grueling part about the whole wedding planning process is finding a venue that fits your style and day of must-haves.

Before getting into the nitty gritty, I have to emphasize that there should be flexibility with your wedding date. As much as you want the big day to fall on your anniversary, it's something worth compromising if it means you get the dream venue.

Here are a few things you want to keep in mind when you're browsing through your favorite sites:

Photography by Jenna Bechtholt

Photography by Jenna Bechtholt


If you are having an intimate affair, you'll have no problem. But if you come from a big family and church like me, hold back on falling head over heels with a venue that cannot house your loved ones! 


We all want something naturally pretty, but you can make any space beautiful with the right planning. You don't absolutely need that castle at the top of the hill that will break the bank. (But hey, who doesn't want a castle in the middle of nowhere? If you found one that's not going to break the bank, let us know in the comments below!)


Let's be real. You're going to want to get the best bang for your buck. The wedding industry is ever growing - there are going to be endless options. You want to find a venue with people who know what they're doing and are willing to go way above and beyond. This doesn't mean you can expect every person to be a John Cusack for you - though if that's what you want, that's what I'm going to work for - but you want every vendor to understand your needs and your vision.

You envision a bridal suite at the venue to sneak in those sweet father/daughter or mother/daughter moments? Or how about a romantic cocktail hour space out under the stars and sparkling market lights? Let's make it happen.

When Opportunity Comes Knocking

This past week has been a whirlwind of emotions. We finally took a leap! For each of us, the end goal looks different but our core values stays the same. Our work is focused on ministry that loves and cares for our clients. It means treating these relationships like lifelong friendships rather than a business transaction. 

Hip Hip Hooray Wedding Event Planning Coordination - Wedding Coordinator San Diego

I admit, it's no easy feat. I spent this morning talking to one of the most inspiring photographers in the Los Angeles area. He's someone who does nothing other than build relationships and develop connections that last. Being in an industry that is so focused on the visuals sometimes makes it easy to get lost - so much so that we forget why we're there in the first place. 

To get us off on the right foot, our new year resolution is this single reminder: never lose sight of what brought us here - real people with real stories. 

Great Plans Begin with Just an Idea

It all started with an Instagram post joking about how great a collaboration Ashley and Diana were in a wedding we had this past weekend. This wedding hit close to home as it was one of my dearest friend's wedding - a college apartment mate that rebuked me, loved me, cared for me, laughed and wept with me. 

Hip Hip Hooray Wedding Collection

It was amazing witnessing so many loved ones jumping in to put this event together. It focused on the couple's love for Christ and for one another. Ashley posted the photo saying "Diana and I are starting a business together." It wasn't surprise that there was tons of positive feedback because the two of them have a load of experience, great chemistry, and a love for all things pretty.

I had to snag the chance and jump on board! Planning and coordinating the #twowangtobecomeone wedding was our first collaboration! Stay tuned to see all the little details and where we'll go next with Hip Hip Hooray Love - the Wedding Collection!