When Opportunity Comes Knocking

This past week has been a whirlwind of emotions. We finally took a leap! For each of us, the end goal looks different but our core values stays the same. Our work is focused on ministry that loves and cares for our clients. It means treating these relationships like lifelong friendships rather than a business transaction. 

Hip Hip Hooray Wedding Event Planning Coordination - Wedding Coordinator San Diego

I admit, it's no easy feat. I spent this morning talking to one of the most inspiring photographers in the Los Angeles area. He's someone who does nothing other than build relationships and develop connections that last. Being in an industry that is so focused on the visuals sometimes makes it easy to get lost - so much so that we forget why we're there in the first place. 

To get us off on the right foot, our new year resolution is this single reminder: never lose sight of what brought us here - real people with real stories. 

Carnie Chung