Our Wedding Season

This year, we've got our Fall and Winter booked. Bring on the bold colors like burgundy and forest green!

Photography by  Lundy Weddings

Photography by Lundy Weddings

We think September through January dates are being booked fast for these three simple reasons: 


While we love not worrying too much about the weather (too cold, too windy), I've seen couples saving $500-$1,000, if not more, during the winter. 

Days Off

We all want to save our vacation and sick days. It is no surprise this is a major reason why couples are searching for the dates they can overlap their wedding and honeymoons with federal holidays. 


Traveling peaks when the students are out of school, we have no doubt about that. We see the prices spike during the big holidays and when school is out. If you can afford to do it, book your honeymoon for when your destination won't be too crowded. Keep an eye out with sites like kayak.com that compare the best prices for flights, hotels, rental cars. 

As a side note, I was speaking to one of our dear friends, Steph, who told us it might be a good idea to book your honeymoon a month after the wedding. It gives you time to move in, come back with fewer logistics to worry about, and freedom to take things slow after the height of all the emotions from the day of the wedding. We loved the idea! What do you think? 

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