Lavender and Vanilla

Like most girls, I love a hint of lavender and a delicious touch of vanilla in all my products. It is a soothing and tasty reminder of the weddings we had this January. As we pull the curtains on this winter of back-to-back weddings, I reflect on the parts that made my heart flutter. 

Photography by Cindy from  Orange Turtle

Photography by Cindy from Orange Turtle

Reminiscing on the weaving through traffic to get that oh-so-necessary sip of coffee from a local shop and the tears of joy and excitement from moms, dads, brides, grooms, bridal parties. One thing you will be seeing more of as we continue to grow in experience and understanding of our brand, is ensuring that the bridal party, guests and vendors are being encouraged. We make sure you are at-ease and feeling the flow of the day. After every wedding, all we want to hear is laughter. We want every single moving part to enjoy celebrating the marriage of two becoming one.

Like I began, it's like the hint of life from lavender and sweetness of vanilla.

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