Great Plans Begin with Just an Idea

It all started with an Instagram post joking about how great a collaboration Ashley and Diana were in a wedding we had this past weekend. This wedding hit close to home as it was one of my dearest friend's wedding - a college apartment mate that rebuked me, loved me, cared for me, laughed and wept with me. 

Hip Hip Hooray Wedding Collection

It was amazing witnessing so many loved ones jumping in to put this event together. It focused on the couple's love for Christ and for one another. Ashley posted the photo saying "Diana and I are starting a business together." It wasn't surprise that there was tons of positive feedback because the two of them have a load of experience, great chemistry, and a love for all things pretty.

I had to snag the chance and jump on board! Planning and coordinating the #twowangtobecomeone wedding was our first collaboration! Stay tuned to see all the little details and where we'll go next with Hip Hip Hooray Love - the Wedding Collection!

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