#NowWed Michael + Michelle

The highlights our out! This wedding, in particular, was one that was dear to all of us at Hip Hip Hooray. Michelle was an apartment mate for all of us at some point. My favorite funny thing about Michelle is how much she knows about birthday deals.

She signed up for places with the best rewards. She would grab a bag (and a water bottle because you know she can't live without that) to hit the shops at our local mall and come back with TONS of bags on her arms. Well, actually, maybe not tons of bags because she's pretty good about consolidating it into a couple.  

Michelle - Orange Turtle Photography - Hip Hip Hooray dot Love

My first impression of Michael was one of great admiration. He is one of the most outgoing, friendly people I've ever met. He never fails to make you feel welcomed and at home. He's always pretty much been a goofball. Giant smile across his face and expressions that you thought only existed in the form of an emoji. 

Michael Hip Hip Hooray dot Love and Orange Turtle

Thank you so much for bringing Hip Hip Hooray dot Love together and being the type of friends that does nothing much encourage and care for us! Love you bunches!

Photography by the great Orange Turtle Photography