Our Top 3 Wedding Websites

We've seen TONS of wedding websites and you probably have too. We put together three of our favorites. We judged based on how much time we spent on it and the designs available.

With Joy

With Joy Wedding Website

The best for overall look. So easy and oh so pretty! If you've ever used TurboTax, With Joy feels exactly the same. We're talking about filling in all the little details without being overwhelmed with how we want it to look like. Just add your pictures and your story and voila! 


Squarespace wedding website

While Squarespace doesn't have too many options, the ones they do have are gorgeous. Responsive designs and you can get everything connected to your Gmail and Google Drive for easy access. You are able to customize every little pixel on the page. But hey, maybe we're just biased since our website is on Squarespace too. 


Zola Wedding Website

Zola is the standard. Zola is on here for being reliable, for having tons of designs, and for being so easy to put your registry on! They make gifting so easy by comparing prices and having the brands right on the site for you to look through.