Bridal Shower Planning

Hi ladies, congratulations on becoming a bridesmaid! It's such a different experience seeing one of your closest friends getting married by her side than being in the crowd. You get to see first hand everything that the couple has done to bring the day together. You see them fret and laugh over the smallest details.

One thing you'll be charged with as a bridesmaid is the bridal shower and bachelorette party. While every bride is different and you might want to celebrate the bachelorette party differently, here's a few standard tips on the bridal shower. 


Get In Touch with Bridesmaids

If you don't already know all the bridesmaids, make an effort to reach out and get to know the crew. These will be the ladies who will help you all along the way. Discuss things that the bride-to-be loves so you could set a theme or color scheme.


Location and Date

Don't wait until a couple months before the wedding to start planning a bridal shower. You'd typically want to ask the bride three to four months in advance so that she isn't too stressed closer to the wedding. Either offer a list of 5 dates or ask her for 5. From there, talk amongst the other bridesmaids to figure out a good, central location with lots of parking. If you don't want to do it at someone's house, rent out a location through Airbnb or reserve a room at the bride's favorite restaurant. 


Guest List, Invites, and Gifting

If the bride didn't give you a guest list, it's always safe to pick between 25-35 of her closest friends and family to join her. Of course, I've definitely seen a bridal shower with 50 people, but it would really depend on what type of bride she is! Start designing invites two months in advance and have it sent out a month ahead. You'll want to ask your bride what her intimate's sizes are so the guests don't have to make the awkward decision on what size to get. 

Don't forget to put the sizes on the invite so everyone isn't scrambling to contact you and the other bridesmaids for it! 


Budget Food, Drinks and Decor

If you and the other bridesmaids don't have too big of a budget, you could pick a time between meals and offer some finger foods to hold people over until their next meal. You'll definitely want to get more than needed when it comes to food and drinks. So a chunk of the budget will be going here. For decorations, you'll be surprised about how many things you can do with items from Dollar Tree, 99 cent store, Amazon, Target, Marshalls, and the list goes on. Check out our Pinterest to get the ball rolling. 


If you need help with styling and organizing the shower, don't be afraid to ask! These are just some tips to get your mind started.