Deja brew


Something I love about every coffee shop is their unique style. Deja Brew’s homage to culture and comfort is displayed in its unique lineup on the menu and beautiful design.

For this holiday season, we would love to team up with you to give thanks to the community that pours into our local businesses. Imagine a single day at Deja Brew with a floral centerpiece, a dripping caramel cake, side-by-side with letters of encouragement the community can write to itself. To the left is our inspiration.

Ashley's florals will draw in that breath of fresh air to liven up the space. Melissa and I will enlist a local calligrapher to design an encouragement card so people can snap a pic and tag us and your team to post on their social media, giving thanks. Then consider Diana's baked treats as a gift and symbol for Deja Brew’s Grand Opening and a treat from us to the neighborhood.

Hip Hip Hooray dot Love is a San Diego event business that focuses on building up the community. We hope you can be another business we help convey that love for San Diego and the world. We look forward to collaborating!