Social Media Curating

Love you, your company, your brand.

Hip Hip Hooray dot Love social media curating serves you with respect and trust to globalize your professional experience. 

We focus on telling your story and translating your ideas into posts on blogs and Instagram. We free you from the platforms so you can focus on engaging with your clients.


  • We create grids with gorgeous image and impactful captions
  • Combine educational and promotional content
  • Develop a brand image that represents your values
  • Schedule your posts ideal for your company
  • Edit images to fit your aesthetic. 


  • Channel your motivations and inspiration into posts that engage with your clientele
  • Finding your niche and writing based on those characteristics
  • Planning a month's worth of content and executing it


Carnie Chung

I am the social media consultant for Hip Hip Hooray. I've spent the past five years in the marketing and social media marketing. Seeing you and your company's dreams come true is my reward.

Contact me at: