Portal coffee SD


Something I love about every coffee shop is their unique style. The retro-modern family feel from Portal Coffee makes me giddy. We love that when you walk in, it feels like a second home. It's somewhere you want to hunker down and make into a daily stop on your way to work or home. 

In the images I've pulled together from Pinterest, you'll see a little bit of what look we are going for. You can see right away the mix of modern-retro cozy styles in a perfect medley. The product and Portal Coffee team will be the focal point, obviously taking the spotlight. Ashley's florals will draw in that breath of fresh air to liven up the space. Then consider Diana's baked treats as a gift and symbol for Portal Coffee's birthday as you prepare for your Grand Opening. 

Hip Hip Hooray dot Love is a San Diego event business that focuses on building up the community. We hope you can be another business we help convey that love for community and for all things pretty by bringing in a photographer with an eye for the detail and aesthetic that will capture who you are. We look forward to collaborating!